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Welcome, if you are here you are seeking the answers you deserve. We here at Blue Eye Investigations, Inc. are here to help. Questions about Spousal Infidelity can be answered on our Infidelity Page.

Special Offer for June-August 2011

GPS Tracking - Very Low rates per day (three day minimum) - This is an inexpensive way to monitor Children's driving patterns or a Spouse suspected of Infidelity.

Surveillance - Reduced rates, however please call as these rates are always determined based on location, time and circumstance.

Computer Monitoring - Only $150.00 per WEEK!! - Monitor all websites, emails, and anything typed on the suspect computer!!

Background Investigations - Only $125.00, includes: name, phone, address, vehicle info, criminal and civil litigation and much more.

Comprehensive Investigations and Sting Operations - These types of operations are low cost, very effective and may include all of the above.

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