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    Blue Eye Investigation is now the ONLY Private Investigation firm in Kentucky currently Authorized to operate areal Drone surveillance.

    What vehicles are located at the residence?

    Should he be working on the roof?? ---I thought he was on workman's comp?

    Who is he with??...His wife is in Chicago!!

    Now more than ever individuals are becoming more savvy to investigative techniques.  Blue Eye Investigations is one step ahead and leading the industry in technological advancements!  Look no further for your investigative needs.  Call today at 502.298.3080.

    Welcome, if you are here you are seeking the answers you deserve. We here at Blue Eye Investigations, Inc. are here to help. Questions about Spousal Infidelity can be answered on our Infidelity Page.

    LIVE!! GPS Tracking - Very Low rates per day (three day minimum) - This is an inexpensive way to monitor Children's driving patterns or a Spouse suspected of Infidelity.

    Surveillance - Reduced rates, however please call as these rates are always determined based on location, time and circumstance.

    Computer Monitoring - Monitor all websites, emails, and anything typed on the suspect computer!!

    Background Investigations
    - can include: name, phone, address, vehicle info, criminal and civil litigation and much more.

    Comprehensive Investigations and Sting Operations - These types of operations are low cost, very effective and may include all of the above.

        What is a Private Investigator?

    A Private Investigator is a professional trained in the art of investigations and surveillance.  In most states, a license is mandatory.  Like with an attorney or doctor, the State has mandated that certain qualifications, training and experience be required for licensure to protect the public from those who do not have the experience or qualifications to do the job correctly.  A private investigator’s training is usually varied and tends to focus on a certain area, again much like a lawyer.  Often times that experience comes from law enforcement, military and research backgrounds. The crux of a private investigators capability is to take whatever information their client has and to go find whatever information or evidence the client needs to know.  The work that a private investigator does is strictly confidential and stays between you and them.

             Trust Your Investigator!     


        What does a Private Investigator actually do?

    The job of a private investigator is to gather information for businesses and individuals.  They work on many different types of cases and frequently are found assisting attorneys, businesses and the public with a variety of legal, financial and personal problems.  Most private investigators are trained to perform functions like surveillance, research and interviewing.  They also have access to computer databases and searches, that the public does not, which allow them to quickly obtain large amounts of information.  Because of the nature of their work, they also can be called to testify in court.



        Utilizing The Latest and Most advanced Equipment!





    Licensed and Insured!     

       What makes us the best choice to be your private investigator?

    Simply put, We Get You Proof, legally, ethically and at competitive prices.  While most private investigators are retired law enforcement officers working by themselves, out of their homes, Blue Eye Investigations is a large, diverse, well trained group of court recognized expert detectives who utilize the best tools in the business to get you results.  We will not take your case unless we are confident that we are suited to deliver precisely what is requested.  Once we take your case we will conduct the investigation in a time efficient and professional manner, always keeping your satisfaction as our goal.

    We also understand that the prospect of hiring a private investigator may be uncomfortable to some.  You have our guarantee that no matter what your situation involves, we will listen to you and give you a detailed explanation of how we can help.  A consultation with a private investigator is free and strictly confidential.