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Surveillance by a Licensed Private Investigator


When you need Proof, Blue Eye Investigations is there to deliver it!


Private investigators conduct surveillance for their clients for a number of reasons.


Some of the more obvious ones are as follows:


  • To capture evidence of infidelity of a spouse
  • To investigate insurance claims losses, specific to determine if insurance claimants are being truthful about their disability levels and daily activities.
  • To monitor workers and corporations to protect either or both the business or it’s employees
  • In connection with child support and custody issues
  • To verify where someone works or resides in connection with litigation
  • In many other applications where video evidence of some activity is important

It is important for everyone to understand that surveillance in is both legal and ethical.  Our firm, like the vast majority of private investigators, will only conduct surveillance for a legitimate purpose and in a legal manner.  We do not zoom inside of people’s private residences, nor do we trespass on private property, climb up drain pipes and the like, just to accommodate a client.  We use video cameras to conduct surveillance, obtaining proof of where our subject goes and what they do, in the best manner possible, by letting them demonstrate it themselves on film.  Our surveillance is confined to what we can see from public view.  Although we have the equipment and training to use hidden cameras to follow people inside of buildings like restaurants and bars, which we do almost everyday, it is not possible to use them in every situation.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is not telling the truth or is willing to break the law.


We understand that surveillance has a purpose and that we have a social responsibility to perform our surveillance’s within the boundaries of the law and good ethical practices.

These practices are important to our firm and to our clients who want us to represent them in a responsible manner.


For more information about surveillance or other services provided by private investigator, please do not hesitate to call us today.

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