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Workman's Comp AOE/COE

Have you ever wondered if a claimant/plaintiff/subject/employee is FAKING IT??  Do your adjusters spend valuable time sending record requests to medical facilities without knowing if your subject was ever treated there?  Is there too much time spent calling Medical Facilities rather then spending your time adjusting files?

One great way to answer these questions is to utilize our Canvasing program. 
This is not an ISO check.  We obtain this valuable information within a per-determined geographical area about the claimant/plaintiff/subject/employee.  This program does not violate HIPAA law.

This program will provide you with answers:
  •     Did the Injury take place prior to the claim?
  •     Where do I send Medical Record requests?
  •     Where am I going to find the time to locate the facilities where the injury was treated?
  •     Is this injury legit?Am I liable for this injury?
  •     Did an injury reported Monday Morning really occur Saturday Night?

Find out if your claimant has been treated at hospitals within a predetermined radius of their current or prior locations.

Hospital Canvass

An effective Hospital Canvass can ascertain the following:

    • Identify any pre-existing injuries, pre-dating your date of loss
    • A complete medical hospital treatment history

In order to accomplish this task, a complete and all-inclusive canvassing of area hospitals must be conducted.  This will provide the claims handler with a comprehensive understanding of their claimant’s past medical treatment history.

Hospital Canvass


  • Complete Identification of all Claimant Past Resident Addresses


  • Thorough Canvassing of Area Hospitals at each of these identified localities


  • Record Retrieval. If instructed, all medical records are retrieved using signed medical authorization forms. Our Investigators remain vigilant in securing this information, maintaining a continuous open communication line to the identified facility.


  • Specially developed grid format for easy dissemination of information.


  • Specific information to include treatment facility, date of admission and type of admission.


Clinic & Pharmacy Canvas

Clinics & Pharmacies are canvassed that are local to the claimant's residence. We identify the pharmacies and clinics that the claimant has visited utilizing our standardized report grid format. Pharmacy records typically are maintained for one (1) to three (3) years.

Gym & Health Club Canvass


Blue Eye Investigations will find and identify gyms or health clubs local to the claimant's home. We will provide dates of membership, both past and present. Depending upon the location, frequency of visits is also determined.


Golf Club & Golf Course Canvass


More Americans participate in golf than any other sporting activity in the United States.  Blue Eye Investigations will determine if a subject is a golf course or golf club member and further determine their frequency of play. Depending upon the golf course, public-play may also be determined.

We initiated this program with YOU in mind.  This program is a staple for many Attorneys, Insurance Companies, Adjusters and Business Owners!  Call today with any questions or to get started using the Hospital Canvass program today, 502.298.3080.