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Blue Eye Investigations offers a myriad of services to accommodate the many needs of Individuals or Private Citizens.  Listed below are only a few of our most popular services.  Please contact us with any need or concern you may have.


    If you have questions about your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend, we are here to help.  Don't go on living your life without knowing the truth!  You owe it to yourself to know the answers to your questions so that one way or another you can go on with your life!  Blue Eye Investigations utilizing the most discreet and highly technological methods can provide the information you deserve.  Please visit the following pages:


    Have you ever wondered where your car is going on a Friday night?  Do you have questions about the safety of your teenage driver?  Blue Eye Investigations can answer these questions for you utilizing GPS tracking and give you your sanity back!

    For those parents who are looking for the deadbeat parent not paying child support, rest assured that we have a department dedicated solely to locating individuals as well as their jobs.  Call Blue Eye Investigations today to start the hunt!


    Are you a Grandparent that knows that your grandchild is not in the best care but need the proof?  We can locate, provide video surveillance, criminal records and much more to give you the information you need to obtain custody of your grandchild!  Please visit the following pages to learn more:

Adopted Children:

    Looking for your Birth Parents?  Look no more, contact us today and allow us the gratification of reuniting you with them today!  With our expert person locators you will soon have the answers to questions that you have always had!

Plaintiff in a Civil Case?:

    Do you know who to sue?  Do you know if they have any assets?  Do you even know where they are?  Trouble locating witnesses?  Do you want your witness' statements recorded?  A private investigator can aid in answering these questions saving you time and money.  Call Blue Eye Investigations today to learn how valuable we can be during your time of trouble.  Please visit the following pages to learn more:

Defendant in a Civil Case?:

    Has someone filed a suit against you?  If you are not liable, do you need proof?  Or proof that they are not really injured?  A recorded statement which is admissible in court can sometimes be invaluable.  Call Blue Eye Investigations today.  Please visit the following pages to learn more:

Looking for a friend?:

    Having trouble reuniting with an old acquaintance?  Let us help with our special techniques in locating old freinds or family members.  Call us to find the special someone today!