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As a Corporation or a Business Owner you face many perils.  Blue Eye Investigations provides many services for you.

"He had been stealing from us for years!  Blue Eye Investigations proved who was stealing from us and captured video of them in the act. Now they screen all of our prospective employees, protect our people, our property and save us a lot of money."


The elimination of any current problems in the work place and the prevention of future ones is what Blue Eye Investigations does best.  We specialize in protecting corporate assets and screening both individuals and businesses before our clients are victimized.


Employee theft, fraud, misconduct, accidents and absenteeism cost corporations billions each year.  Most firms that are victims either deny they are being victimized or simply give up because they do not know where to turn for help.  At Blue Eye Investigations we provide our corporate clients with investigations including surveillance, undercover investigations, interviews and more that get them proof needed to release the employees, provide the evidence to law enforcement to seek prosecution and to support litigation to recover the loss.  Expert investigative help is available at Blue Eye Investigations.


A sample of our services provided to corporate clients includes the following:



Our surveillance experts and investigators are among the nation’s best.  This combined with our state-of-the-art technology and extensive investigative resources make us the premier corporate security and screening agency for corporate clients.


We operate in any socio-economic environment, from the executive suite to the factory floor.  We offer a large team of highly trained, seasoned, gender and culturally diverse investigators, all of who know the law.  We know how to develop evidence of employee misconduct, employee theft, fraud, absenteeism, accidents and asset misappropriation. Nothing is left to chance.


Whether your issue involves screening a prospective business partner, developing a loss prevention program, investigating a fraud or documenting employee misconduct, we've handled it all.

Blue Eye Investigations is proud to say that we have created affordable solutions to help you battle these issues.  Take a moment and peruse some of the links listed to the right (or left) to see a few ways we use to combat fraud and outright theft in the marketplace today!